Born in 1950, David Peeples grew up in a small Western Washington logging town near the coast of the Pacific Northwest. As a young boy, he would always prefer to be outdoors whenever possible, as this afforded him the opportunity to satisfy his growing curiosity for the natural world first hand.

After his graduation from high school, he attended Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington where the focus of his academic study in the sciences would become the natural progression of a keen interest in a complex physical world and its many wonders. This led him to the discovery and understanding of many facts and details that have defined the disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology.

David went on to the University of Washington in Seattle where he studied and received an academic degree in pharmaceutical science in 1973. After combining his science background with a personal interest in history and theology, he turned to writing as a way to share the knowledge gained through many years of study, research, observation, and personal experience.

As a long-term healthcare professional, he soon recognized that writing and teaching were the most effective ways to share the knowledge and understanding he had gained, which could ultimately benefit others as well. Many years of study, research, writing and editing would eventually lead to the completion of a book narrative that he had dreamed of sharing throughout much of his adult life.

The Mystery of Life book project is not a casual stab in the dark at a few puzzling questions inherent in a complex physical world, but contains some thorough documentation of highly relevant and verifiable scientific and historical facts that have been, all too often, conveniently overlooked and even carelessly disregarded by a skeptical world.